First “Stitch and Bitch” a Success


Today, Matt, Brooke, “Princess Wonder Woman” (PWW), and I spent the day pooling our talents and resources to make our first “Stitch and Bitch” (SNB) a success. The goal of today’s SNB was to put together a number of bags to be sold at local businesses, such as Filiz Hair Design in Clarksville and possibly Dublin Roasters Coffee in Frederick to continue to raise money for our adoption.

Matt and Brooke took over the sewing, while PWW and I created price tags, made color and fabric choices for the design of each bag. I also cut out more fabric pieces to eventually be made into bags. All in all, we completed 19 bags.

There will be three separate sizes. The larger can be used to hold makeup and hair products, the medium sized bag works perfect for holding makeup, and the smaller sized bag will be wonderful as a toiletry travel case. So far these bags look amazing!


I enjoyed watching Brooke teach Matt how to sew the bags. It is rare when I get to see Matt get taught something new, as he is so good at teaching himself new skills. It was cute watching Brooke check in with him and provide him with positive encouragement (while I continually stuck myself with pins while making the price tags).

Matt really enjoyed the problem-solving aspect of fixing his sewing mistakes. Learning new skills is something Matt has always valued. The grunts, sighs, and utterances of frustration inevitably would give way to increased expertise in his bag creation.


I loved working with PWW and teaching her the finer points of identifying the importance aspects of design. We discussed the importance of contrast (pairing big patterns with little ones, lighter colors with darker, highly textured fabrics with less textured fabrics). We discussed warm colors and cool colors, and complimentary colors. We also learned how to compromise. It was cute watching her advocate for herself and give reasoning for her fabric and color choices (6 year old negotiations are seriously cute). After a solid set of reasons for her fabric choice, I would let her put the fabrics in the “to be cut pile.” I would then watch her offer me space for my opinions and occasionally acquiesce to my suggestions (even though it was clear she did not agree).

It was especially encouraging to speak with Brooke’s mother, who came up to provide emotional support (and financial- so unexpected and so appreciated). She discussed what it was like for her as a child who was adopted and asked us questions about our plan for adoption. It was really nice to feel encouraged by someone who has lived through this entire process, but on the other side. If anything, I was left feeling more confident about this decision than ever before..


If you are ever interested in joining us at one of our Stitch and Bitch events, please let us know ( You don’t have to know how to sew. It is definitely a good time and something that I plan to advertise on this site once a regular date and time is established

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