Local Artisans Handcrafted Bags for Awesome Cause

In the event the headline didn’t give it away, we are almost ready to start selling the bags that we have been creating at our Stitch and Bitch sessions. Brooke and Princess Wonder Woman (PWW) had Matt and me over today to continue the construction on these bags. Right now we have created close to twenty bags. These bags are pretty impressive if I do say so myself. The largest looks as though it could hold a curling iron and various hair care products. The medium sized bag could hold plenty of makeup and toiletries. And the smallest could definitely hold makeup and toiletries, but may be especially adept for travel.


Currently, we have one small business who is willing to help us sell our bags. Omer, of Filiz Hair Design, was quick to volunteer his salon for the sale of our product. We really appreciate his input and assistance in selling the bags to his clients.

We are thinking that in store sales may begin as early as November 21. The bag sizes and prices are as follows:

Small:                    3.5 x 4 x 6                          $18

Medium:             3.75 x 5 x 8                          $23

Large:                    4 x 5.5 x 9                          $28

One of each:                                                     $60 (a $9 savings!)

I have created some signage (should arrive by Nov.19) for the salon as well as a few extra signs in the event we find any other local businesses that would be open to participating. It’s amazing to think that each bag sold is one more step to becoming parents and that people would be interested in investing in the creation of our family!


I really can’t give enough credit to Brooke and PWW for their amazing ideas, use of materials, teaching us how to sew, the use of their home, food, and occasional alcoholic beverages (best boozy mimosas EVER!). They have been absolutely amazing and never once have complained about us usurping their weekends. They are amazing friends and family!


And don’t fret if you haven’t had a chance to join us at the Stitch and Bitch. We have currently created about 40 bags, and I am sure we will be needing to make even more. After the holidays I plan to create a regular monthly Bitch and Stitch that you can join to help us replenish our stock and continue to generate more donations for our soon-to-be growing family. Additionally, if you have any other fundraising ideas, we would love to hear them. You can contact us either by using the “Contact Us” on this website or email us at RyanAndMattAdoption@Gmail.com. We really do appreciate you input!

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