Stitch & Bitch #3; we’re probably not a sweatshop

Greetings Ladies & Gentlemen of the world-wide-web; this is Matt writing this time.  This whole blog-thing is alien to me.  Not because of the technology; it’s just that self-promotion isn’t really my thing.  I prefer to work in the background… keeping things moving smoothly and efficiently from behind the scenes.

But here I am, bringing you an update from our third (yes, third) Stitch & Bitch event.  (Pardon the parentheses… there will be many. I tend to write with numerous asides and side quips/comments.)


This time, we hosted the event at our home, and had a number of additional helpers.  Ryan and myself, our sewing foreperson Brooke, and new helpers Sarah, Christina, and Jennifer (and with equipment on loan from our neighbor Kara).  We had three sewing machines, an ironing station, a cutting station, and a pinning station (and an off-and-on bartending station… mimosas and apple cider martinis).  In fact, we learned that we could have hosted even a couple more people and still been both comfortable and efficient – so in the future, we will aim for six to eight people when hosting at our place.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In any case, the event was again a success.  We developed a bit of efficiency by the end of the day, and will be adding twenty more bags to our Esty site!

Speaking of the new bags, be on the lookout for the mermaid bags:  mermaid pattern on the outside, and scale pattern on the inside (and a couple with the fabrics reversed).  They were the hit of the event!  Also keep an eye out for the new superhero bags as well.

And we are pleased to introduce our Instagram feed!  (Ok, in all honesty, I am a little behind the technology for the Instagram thing… but we will be maintaining it regardless, and keeping it in sync with the Esty shop.)

Between the helpers, the equipment, the sewing assistance, the website assistance, (and the alcohol), and more, we are super grateful to all of the people that are continuing to help us on this journey.

Look for the new bags online; Christmas is coming, and these bags make great gifts!  They’re pretty good quality, too.  I haven’t sewn anything in years, and I’m impressed with these (and I’m fairly critical of myself and my own workmanship).  Everyone who sees them has the same reaction, “… Really?!  You made these?!?”

So keep watching and keep reading, folks!


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