Our Holiday Season


The holidays flew by this year. It all started with a visit from Matt’s family the weekend before the holidays. Matt’s parents, sister (Becca) and her boyfriend (Dean) were a joy to host as usual. On Friday night, the night of their arrival, we took them out to Mutiny Pirate Bar, where Jan (Matt’s mother) ordered a cocktail that literally came in a SPAM can. How fun/weird is that?!

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The next day we opened gifts. All of the gifts were wonderful, but what was most special was the card Rick (Matt’s father) picked out for us. It was a three-dimensional card that had two men standing on a bridge together. I know how hard that card is to find in stock and that it had to be searched for as it is produced by an LGBTQ non-profit (all proceeds go to LGBTQ support). It means a lot to have his support.


Becca and I also decided to try something new this year. We have watched Bon Appetite’s Back to Back Chef videos on Youtube (we especially liked the one featuring the drag queen Shangela: https://video.bonappetit.com/watch/back-to-back-chef-shangela-tries-to-keep-up-with-carla) and decided to replicate it with lacey cookies. We even went as far as video taping it (assuming it’s not boring as all get out, I will post it- I haven’t reviewed it yet). The cookies actually came out pretty good. Mine were undercooked, but given the main mistake people make is burning them, I was excited to not made that mistake.

On Christmas Eve we went to Brooke’s home, where we had lunch with Brooke, Jacob (her husband), Princess Wonder Woman, and Brooke’s parents. It was really nice to have a homemade family dinner on Christmas Eve. My favorite part was watching PWW’s face when I made sandwiches out of the rolls, ham, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, and gravy. That’s not a typical thing that I do, but figured I would give it a try (I also figured I’d get a reaction from PWW). PWW’s face was totally worth the mess of that ridiculous sandwich!

On Christmas day. Matt and I exchanged gifts and spent the remainder of the day with our friends Bobby and Christina playing board games. Bobby brought over the BEST blueberry lemon bunt cake and Christina made amazing pomegranate mojitos. Matt made stew for dinner, and we just sat around, talked, and enjoyed each other’s company. It was a quiet, but lovely day spent with quality people!

For New Years Eve, Matt and I went to Iron Bridge Winery. They had a five-course meal with wine pairings. We got all dressed up (I finally found an occasion to wear my velvet paisley dinner coat) and just focused on enjoying the meal and our company. I honestly couldn’t keep up with the wine pairings, but I can honestly say that I tasted everything and still think that I enjoy Malbec the best.


Over all, our holiday season was wonderful AND we look forward to the day where we can share the holidays with a little person of our own.

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