Ryan’s Birthday


Birthdays have always been a special occasion for me. Growing up, my mother would throw various themed parties. I remember one where the theme was medieval times. She made a dragon and we had a fencing competition with breadsticks (the person whose breadstick broke first was out).

As an adult, I find that there are so few opportunities for this level of fun and whimsy. This is why I feel the need to throw parties that are themed. The purpose is to give my friends and I an escape from adulting and to reconnect with the inner child that has been buried in bills and responsibilities. Play is so important! (BTW Matt did take me to a lovely dinner at Iron Bridge as my “adult” birthday celebration).

Another reason that I love having costume parties is watching Matt. He loves to get creative and make things. Throughout the process he takes time to step back and feel proud of himself. I don’t get to see that as often as I would like. Down side to having a party is that he also feels a time crunch, so there’s a hefty amount of anxiety that is also driving that creative process.

This weekend was my (mumble mumble)th birthday. Matt’s sister, Becca, came down to celebrate. The theme of the party was Disney Villains (Becca even made me little Disney inspired villain lapel pins for my birthday). Everyone was asked to dress as a different Disney villain (nothing brings in childhood joy like dress up!). Matt, as per usual did an amazing job setting up various decorations and explaining games. His sister, Becca, came down and helped.  It was really great having so many of our friends together. We played board games, had a few drinks, and just enjoyed each other’s company.

I think it’s important to create these memories with our friends, and the earlier the better. I have had many friends mention previous Halloween and birthday parties from almost thirty years ago. Matt and I plan to continue this tradition with our children, so that they too can carry these memories with them.

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