Infusing it with Fun

The article Learning from Our Kids: 5 Ways to Make Parenting More Fun by Vicki Botnick, MA, MS, MFTI really resonated with us. Matt and I very much believe that a key component to life is finding ways to make it more fun. It really takes a lot of the labor out of tasks.

For example: Matt is an introvert, but just last weekend, we invited some friends (a previous coworker and her husband) over for board games. This was the first time that they were coming over and we wanted to ensure they had a fun time. We were informed that my previous coworker’s husband was very into the movie Big Trouble in Little China.

Matt took that information and ran with it. We decided to have them play the Big Trouble in Little China board game and order Chinese food to keep it in theme. Additionally, Matt decided to decorate the living room with Chinese New Years decorations and make yellow headbands so we could look like some of the Chinese gang members while we played.

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Matt took a situation that he would ultimately find draining and infused it with additional fun infuse the experience with uniqueness. The novel experience that he created will stay in our memories for quite some time.

I tend to have fun with self-expression through my clothing. I generally hate changing out of gym shorts and tank tops, but for work, this is not seen as acceptable. To infuse my outfits with more fun I wear rhinestoned, peacock print, and floral print shoes. I find shirts with metallics, bold designs and colors. Last weekend I decided to take it up a notch by having some fun with hair color.

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I hope that when we become parents, we remember the importance of infusing our parenting with fun. It will not only make memories, but serve to be a more effective method of teaching and making it clear that it is always acceptable to be yourself.

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