(Written by Ryan)

Matt is probably the most stable, even-keeled person I know. He is organized, dutiful, and steadfast. He prides himself on his productivity at work and at home. He has been my rock through many hard times and ensures that whatever needs to get done around the house does. He is also very creative and a wonderful storyteller.

One of his favorite things is to teach people new things. For example, he loves Disney World and on our second year anniversary, we spent a week there. He took me from park to park and ride to ride not only telling me the background for how the ride was created, but also little known facts about the narrative behind each ride. (I didn’t realize that each ride even had a narrative!). While I was in North Dakota, he was able to fly in and teach me principles in statistics in two hours what the professor couldn’t teach me in two months!

He is also a huge movie buff and can not only tell you the name of each actor in the film, but some of the drama behind the scenes between actors, directors, and producers. Matt is also very protective, but in a balanced way. He gives me the space to be as independent as I need to be, but if he sees me struggling too much, he isn’t afraid to swoop in and assist. All in all, he is a dedicated, knowledgeable, and caring man. I don’t know what I’d do without him!