We met in 2010 through an online dating site. Ryan was working at a crisis hotline and Matt had started down the path of becoming owner of a structural engineering firm. Although Ryan had already applied for a doctoral program in Counseling Psychology in North Dakota, we decided to push through.  While apart, Matt made sure to call Ryan to ensure he was up for his classes each day, despite the time difference, and Ryan made sure to schedule regular dinner and movie dates via Skype. Matt paid to fly Ryan or himself back and forth from North Dakota to Maryland every six to eight weeks. We were very committed to staying together. During Spring break, Matt proposed, and Ryan moved back to Maryland to plan the wedding and embark on his career as a mental health therapist.

For the past five years, we have lived in Howard County, Maryland. We enjoy hiking, camping, going to various art, craft, and Renaissance Festivals. We take our dogs out on walks regularly and to weekend excursions to my parents’ cabin in West Virginia. We have regular game nights with neighbors, friends, and family. Ryan really enjoys hosting parties and Matt makes a mean turkey, so each year we try to host our annual Friendsgiving feast in order to celebrate the friendships in our lives.

We have been together for eight years and have been married for five. Despite no identified fertility issues, we expected to have some difficulty conceiving a child and planned for adoption as our method of choice for growing our family (LOL).

Shortly after getting married, we purchased a three bedroom, three bathroom townhouse in Howard County. We are located next to the local elementary school, and the neighborhood playground is in our backyard. We opted to move to Howard County due to its diverse community and excellent school districts. We want our children to have a wonderful education. Multiculturalism and a community are also values that we believe are important to instill in our children. It is for that reason that we made sure to move into a community that had various cultures, ethnicities, and opinions represented. Additionally, Matt serves on the Home Owners Association Board as Vice President and Ryan assists in organizing neighborhood social events in order to model these values and the importance of giving back.