How You Can Help

Of course monetary donations are always helpful (, but there are other ways you can help too. We recognize that not everyone can provide as much support as they would like financially AND we also recognize that you have amazing talents and connections. Here are some ways that you can get involved without a financial contribution:

  • You can purchase merchandise in our Etsy shop (
  • You can follow us on Instagram: RyanAndMattAdoption
  • You can share our websites on social media
  • You can click on the videos tab and create a small video to be posted onto the website. The details can all be found under the video tab.
  • Using the Contact Us tab to provide us with your email address so we can provide you with updates on upcoming events and additional needs
  • Sharing our website (, keeping up to date on our blog, and sharing the Go Fund Me page hyperlinked above
  • Giving out our adoption business cards and having discussions with others about why you feel assisting us with building our family is worthy of their donation and time
  • Attending fundraising events and sharing them with others
  • Sharing fundraising ideas
  • Offering up talents and sharing opportunities you may come across that you believe could be of assistance.
    1. Perhaps you are great a website designer or event planner. We could utilize your skills to create more memorable experiences and would provide us more time to put into other aspects of fundraising.
    2. Potentially, you could provide a work of art and/or a craft to be used in a silent auction or if you happen to be able to do a service (photography, leaf blowing, yard mowing, etc.) that could be used in a silent auction as well.
  • Getting engaged with events such as the “Stitch and Bitch” to assist in creating merchandise that can be sold at fundraisers and/or at local businesses
  • Using your connections to find locations where fundraisers can be held
  • Provide items for silent auctions or gently used comic books to be sold at a used comic book fundraiser (planning is progress)
  • Providing us emotional support as we are going through this stressful and joyous time

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