Interview with Nancy (Adoptee)


We would like to thank Brooke’s mother, Nancy, for answering our rather extensive interview questions. We would also like to thank Brooke for utilizing her interviewer skills.

The video was too long to easily upload onto this site, so it was broken down into four separate parts. Additionally, a list of interview questions can be found at the bottom of this page.


Interview Questions

  1. I understand that you are an adoptee and this interview is about your experience as an adoptee. Before we begin, what’s your name and how do you know Matt and Ryan?
  2. Tell us a bit about your adoption story. Was it a closed, open, or international adoption? When and how were you told? What was your reaction?
  3. As you grew up, how did your perspective on being an adoptee evolve? How did your view of the adoption process change? Did you experience you adoptive family differently at different points in your life?
  4. Did you ever fantasize about your birth parents? What were some of the fantasies you had about them? Did that change as you got older?
  5. Did not knowing your birth parents effect how you saw yourself compared to your family? Did you ever feel isolated in your experience?
  6. When was your first experience of being different from other people in your life due to being adopted? What was your emotional reaction? How did you handle it?
  7. Did your coping skills evolve over time? If so, what were some of your earlier coping mechanisms and what were some of your later ones?
  8. How do you think being adopted effected your perspective on relationships? As a child, did you find yourself trying to be the perfect child or being particularly rebellious compared to your peers? Did you find it harder to trust? Did you harbor any fears of being abandoned? Did you overcome these fears? If so, how? If not, how do you see the effects manifesting in your life presently?
  9. Do you feel like your adoption affected you in romantic relationships or within your marriage?
  10. We know you have children and an adorable grandchild. Tell us a bit about what the experience of having your own child was like? Do you believe that being adopted affected you pregnancy and/or in your parenting style? If so, how? If not, what factors do you believe made you more resilient?
  11. How do you believe being adopted has affected how you support your children and grandchildren?
  12. Did you ever meet your birth parents? If so, what was the experience like leading up to, during, and after the reunion? Did your birth parents live up to your expectation? Did you stay in touch? If so, how did the relationship develop. If not, what were some of the obstacles?
  13. If you had the ability to make one thing easier for you, as an adoptee, what would it be? What is one way you wish you were more supported and how would you have liked that support to be given?
  14. If you could let the world know one thing about what it means to be adopted to make them better understand, what would that be?
  15. If you could provide Matt and Ryan some advice as an adoptee, what would that be?



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