No-Drama Discipline Workbook by Siegel, and Bryson



No-Drama Discipline Workbook by Siegel and Bryson

I love the accessibility of this book. It is easy to ready and fosters parental insight without any shaming, but rather coaching and encouragement. Unlike The Whole-Brained Child Workbook, these skills seem to apply not only with elementary school children, but children across all age groups (no seriously, you know that “man child” in your life? Yeah. It should work with him too). Like other workbooks by Siegel and Bryson, the focus here is on insight and application. This book is also different from The Whole-Brained Child Workbook in that it is solely focusing on parent skill growth. I have recommended this workbook to several of my clients and have only received positive feedback. I really don’t have much criticism for this workbook, other than I wish it was spiral bound to make it easier to make worksheets for clients that just need to focus on one specific skill or concept. I highly recommend this workbook, especially for those who learn through insight and activity rather than reading.

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