Mother’s Day: More Complex Than You’d Think

Mother’s Day. When I think of the stereotypical American Mother’s Day, thoughts of cards, flowers, chocolates, brunches, and mimosas come to mind. It is considered to be a happy occasion. Almost like a special Valentine’s Day dedicated to the woman who birthed you. And why shouldn’t we recognize and celebrate her? Mother’s sacrifice A LOT!... Continue Reading →

Sheep and Wool Festival

Last week Matt helped me prepare for the Sheep and Wool Festival. The Sheep and Wool Festival is a weekend long celebration of all things sheep. There are crafts, yarn, wool, wool products, meat, cheese, clothing, and actual sheep for sale. It is the one place you can go to take classes on how to... Continue Reading →

Pittsburgh Trip

A few weekends back, Matt and I went to Latrobe to visit his family. I really like visiting them. There’s not always a lot to do, but there is something about the vibe that is relaxing. There is a real sense of caring that can be felt, even if all we do is sit around... Continue Reading →

The Primal Wound by Nancy Newton Verrier

The Primal Wound: Understanding the Adopted Child By Nancy Newton Verrier I want to start out by noting that this is one of the touchstone pieces of literature regarding adoptees. This book was first copywritten in 1993 and has had 28 reprintings. It is clear that Verrier has deep professional knowledge, personal experience, and clinical... Continue Reading →

Matt’s Birthday: I’d Like a Do-Over

Those of you have been following the blog probably have picked up that Matt and I (Ryan) are two very different people. I am extroverted, Matt is introverted. I am the harbinger of chaos, Matt is calm and unyielding. Ryan wanted a Disney costume party for his birthday, Matt wanted a home-cooked meal. I feel... Continue Reading →

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