No-Drama Discipline Workbook by Siegel and Bryson

  No-Drama Discipline Workbook by Siegel and Bryson I love the accessibility of this book. It is easy to ready and fosters parental insight without any shaming, but rather coaching and encouragement. Unlike The Whole-Brained Child Workbook, these skills seem to apply not only with elementary school children, but children across all age groups (no... Continue Reading →

Pride Month

June is Pride month. Throughout the month, I reflected on what Pride means to me. As you may have read in previous blog posts, I was a born-again, evangelical Christian attending a Puritan Christian school between two cornfields when I realized that I wasn’t straight. When I would reach out to others for support, I... Continue Reading →

Interview with Nancy (Adoptee)

We would like to thank Brooke's mother, Nancy, for answering our rather extensive interview questions. We would also like to thank Brooke for utilizing her interviewer skills. The video was too long to easily upload onto this site, so it was broken down into four separate parts. Additionally, a list of interview questions can be... Continue Reading →

Mother’s Day: More Complex Than You’d Think

Mother’s Day. When I think of the stereotypical American Mother’s Day, thoughts of cards, flowers, chocolates, brunches, and mimosas come to mind. It is considered to be a happy occasion. Almost like a special Valentine’s Day dedicated to the woman who birthed you. And why shouldn’t we recognize and celebrate her? Mother’s sacrifice A LOT!... Continue Reading →

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