The Whole-Brain Child Workbook by Siegel and Bryson



The Whole-Brain Child Workbook by Siegel and Bryson

This book a wonderful workbook for parents who have read The Whole-Brained child, has some base understanding of the concepts, but maybe lacking in confidence regarding application. One of my larger critiques of that book was a lack of parent support and focus on what the parent(s) are going through. This workbook answers that issue. Additionally, The Whole-Brain Child references a term called “mindsight” (insight+empathy), but does not provide a lot of examples into how to foster this skill. This workbook provides several activities in each chapter to assist you in building up these skills with your child.

My major critique for the workbook is that it seems to be more focused for children in elementary school. This makes sense as the advent of puberty, hormones, more intense emotions, etc. probably should be given special attention and I believe

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